Fresh notices to Jagan on Hang CM comments

rp_jagan-300x191-1-300x191-300x191.jpgTDP mulling over YS Jagan Controversial Comments “hang the Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu” even after the later has been served notices by Election Commission.

Despite facing harsh political criticism and a notice from the Election Commission, Jagan continuing his attack on CM Naidu, just to divert the attention of people talking about the development works in Nandyal.

Jagan reportedly repeated his remarks during a roadshow in Nandyal constituency “It is not wrong to hang people like Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu who utter lies and fail to keep up their promises,”.

TDP came to an understanding that this kind of comments are made to by Jagan to stay in media as it becomes the hot topic, sideline the developments works announces by the TDP govt recently. TDP has decided to leave the criticism part to second level party leaders.

Although TDP govt is trying it best to keep its promises given in the last elections, Jagan is still trying to project Naidu govt as under performing govt.

Meanwhile, A fresh notice will be served on Jagan for “Hang” comments from nodal officer Thippe Naik, Returning Officer for Nandyal constituency Prasanna Venkatesh.