Fraud activities in Telugu Film Producers Council

tfpc1A lot of fraud activities and irregularities going on in Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC)

The office bearers are resorting in financial irregularities by accepting cash and not crediting into the Council’s bank account for last two years.

According to Bylaws, the Annual General Body meeting has to be conducted before August 31 2015, But the office bearers are putting off the crucial general body meeting time and again for the last three months. Even the E.C Meeting , which was supposed to be held every month is been not conducted.

Producer C N Rao lodged a complaint with Registrar of Societies to direct the Council to hold general body meeting and subsequently elections. Another producer Mohan Goud alleged Rs 5 crore had been withdrawn from banks and spent lavishly, which were meant for the welfare of 800 small producers.

Sources say, 13 crore was withdrawn from Council’s bank account and was given to private parties for higher interest . Bank statement copies were produced to medi or kept in their official website for last two years.

Without conducting special body meeting or informing the members or taking permission from E.C, they have purchased property (flats) at Movie Towers. They also purchased a property worth 50 lakhs in Tirupati for commissions.