Four Bigg Boss housemates in Elimination zone

deeksha-hari-teja-archna-adarshAfter Prince was Eliminated from the Big Boss’s title race and gave a shock to the Strong Contestants. on the 58th episode, the elimination for this weekend has begun though housemates nominations.

Big boss who started the nomination process for the Elimination, Six have been asked to name two contestants and give a reason why they are being nominated.

Archana nominated Deeksha, Adarsh
Navdeep nominated Deeksha, Adarsh
Sivabalaji nominated Deeksha, Navdeep
Deeksha nominated Archana, Hariteja
Adarsh nominated Archana, Haritha
Hariteja nominated Adarsh, Deeksha.

At the end of the Contestants nominations, Bigg Boss announced that Deeksha, Adarsh, Hari Teja and Archana were nominated for the Elimination. One among those four who is going to leave the house this week. It’s still a suspense whether one contestant or two will be eliminated.