Forcible Child Marriages reported in Telangana

childmarraigeA 14-year girl was forcibly married to a man four times her age has been rescued, the noose was tied around a 14-yr-old girl child’s neck in Nalagonnda in the name of ChildMarriage.

A student of Class 9 living in Kasturba hostel for tribal girls went to her village at Devarakonda in Nalgonda district of Telangana. She was forced to get married to a 51-year-old Ravi Ramavath by her parents. She stayed with Ramvanth for four months and finally got rescued after she made a call to her school teacher.

In another incident, 13-yr-old married off to 15-yr-old in name of tradition. Both young bride & Young groom are smart, educated children who know Child Marriage is illegal yet parents brainwashed them into getting a wedding in Hyderabad.

The Marriage took place in Hyderabad at a secret location in dead of night; relatives of Child Bride & Child Groom attended, But no one reported.

Mother of 13-yr-old Child Bride is Hindi teacher in private school in the same school where girl studies in 8th class. Child Bride was told in the interest of her family, she must agree to marry at age 13. Father of the child told they follow what vedas prescribe by marrying off the daughter before puberty.