‘Flops Taught Me That I Missed Family’ !

One will be happier if they score success and upset if flops knock their door. But, things are reverse with this highly talented music director. Folks, here goes the story of ‘Swara brahma’ Mani Sharma.

After scoring enthralling music for years, Mani Sharma is tumbling these days with full of average movies and flop music. But, he states that he is much happier now than at the times of his career peak. ‘When I gave hits continuously, I used to go home late in the nights and get up in the afternoon. I missed how my son has grown up’, says Mani. ‘All of a sudden I have noticed that he is 6ft height. Then it struck my mind that I missed my family all these years in the name of successes’, he emotionally uttered.

This classic musician says that flops are also required some times to remind you about your wife and kids. He concludes that he is all happy for his sprawling 15 years career as a music director in Tollywood and not worried about future. Mani is all set to turn producer with a high budgeted 3d supernatural flick in Hindi circuit!