Flop director blames Pawan Kalyan for his creativity !

Flop director Meher Ramesh is dreaming a lot these day to direct Pawan kalyan  before his Venkatesh starter ‘Shadow’ s  verdict is declared .

Meher Ramesh  said, Very soon, He may direct Pawan Kalyan film as he is ready with the script to narrate that to Pawan Kalyan.  But the director himself is not confident about his script , said First of all Pawan Kalyan should like the script.

Praising Pawan Kalyan Meher said,  “When it comes to creativity,  thinking & style,”  He said,  He has learned them observing Pawan Kalyan. Pawan always thinks very uniquely” . Meanwhile Meher’s Shadow has completed its post production work and is all set to release soon.