Flop Brahmotsavam distributors meeting on Monday

rp_brahmotsavam-100-days-221x300.jpgMahesh Babu’s recent outing Brahmotsavam had reportedly brought 35 crores loss to the distributors .

Whenever a big film flops at the box office, distributors and exhibitors make a beeline for the producer, the Film Chamber or Producers’ Council to recover their money.

It was the same with Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam more recently. Distributors have faced huge losses on the film, particularly the Nizam and overseas distributors. Nizam area distributor lost half his investment. The overseas distributor had brought the rights for Brahmotsavam for nearly Rs 13 crore had incurred huge losses.

Producer PVP assured distributors that he would compensate everyone who incurred losses, he also announced that Mahesh and PVP will start another project soon . Now the distributors feel that this announcement was mere an eye wash as nothing concrete steps are being taken in this regard.

Thus, the Distributors of Brahmostavam announced to hold a meeting this Monday at film chamber regarding compensation by producers after huge losses.Neither Mahesh nor pvp hasn’t returned single penny, Frustrated distributors consulted film chamber to help them.