Fixing Scandal Rocks Olympics : Jawala team cries

After Indian doubles star Jwala Gutta alleged that matches in their group might have been fixed, the World Badminton Federation charged eight players with misconduct for “throwing” matches to manipulate the draw.

The official statement said “The pairs have been charged … with ‘not using one’s best efforts to win a match’ and ‘conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport’”. However there is still some confusion as the allegation for has not been proven in Group B which was the group that India was in.

The Indian team missed out on a quarter-final spot but just 1 point — Japan had a 4-point difference and India just had 3. The South Korean head coach Sung Han-kook himself admitted that two of his teams had attempted to throw their matches against China’s team and an Indonesian team. However he said this was only done in retaliation against the Chinese team who initiated this drama.