First films of Mahesh,Cherry ,Bunny

First films of Mahesh,Cherry ,Bunny

Among the present day generation star heroes, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun and ram charan are the only heroes to have made their debut movies hits. Fans of these heroes always quarrel about that whose is the big hit movie. Maybe the following analysis gives them clarity over the hit range of those movies.

NTR is not included in the list as his first film was a utter flop.

RAJAKUMARUDU: This is the debut movie of Mahesh Babu. This movie was released in the year, 1999. Preita Jinta paired up with Mahesh Babu in the movie. Then number one director K.Raghavendra Rao directed this movie. Manisharma composed the music and Aswini Dutt was the producer. The movie ran 100 days in 32 centers and it was the all time record for a debut hero then. However, as the budget was crossed its limits because of all the leading technicians worked for this project, the profits made by the producer were quite low. Finally, the movie’s status was ‘ABOVE AVERAGE.

GANGOTRI: This is the debut movie of Allu Arjun. This movie was released in the year, 2003.This movie was also directed by K.Raghavendra Rao. Aditi Agarwal was the heroine of this movie. Keeravani composed the music of this movie. Allu Aravind and C.Aswini Dutt jointly produced this venture. This movie ran 100 days in 38 direct centers and this has been the all time record for any debut hero even today. Since the budget of this movie is also reasonable, the movie could make handsome profits. The box office result of this movie is ‘HIT’.

CHIRUTHA: This is the debut movie of ram charan. This movie was released in the year, 2007. Neha Sharma paired up with ram charan in this movie. Manisharma rendered the music. Puri Jagannadh directed this movie while Aswini Dutt produced it. This movie ran 100 days in 35 direct centers. Also, it collected the total share of 22 crores and with satellite rights and audio rights it totally made Rs.27 crores. This is the all time highest share for any debut hero till today.The box office verdict of this movie is ‘HIT’