Finally its mega heroine with Mahesh !?

It is next to impossible that a heroine will say no to working with Mahesh Babu but according to gossips from the filmnagar area, Kajal Agarwal has backed out of the project with Mahesh Babu. This is directed by Sukumar. As usual, the much abused ‘date problem’ has been given the reason.

But the other story is that Kajal is not keen on doing the same ‘Businessman’ romance with Mahesh. Whatever it is, the truth is Kajal is out of Mahesh’s project and already the replacement name is emerging. It is heard that Kajal’s place will mostly be going to Tamanna.

During the announcement of the project, many said it will be Tamanna only but in between Kajal came into the picture. But finally, Kajal has walked out and Tammu is expected to take that place. If that happens it will be the first time both Mahesh Babu and Tamanna would be pairing up with each other.