Fight between Puri and Sekar

It is battle time for Puri and Sekar with the expected releases of DCM and Life is Beautiful in August. Their releases which coincided 5 years ago with Chiruta and Happy Days happened to be blockbusters at that time. Like history repeats both, DCM with Ravi Teja under Puri’s direction and Life is beautifull under Sekar kammula direction are due for release on the same date yet again. Devuda Chesina Manushulu already created hype as it is one of the much awaited actor, director hit combination of Puri and Raviteja. Movies released earlier in this combination with Puri’s punch dialogues and Raviteja’s easygoing performance broke all records. Like always Sekar Kammula is committed to deliver good movies with less hype, and eventually they turn out to crazy hits, Life is Beautiful is anticipated to be nothing less. Well the industry always fears him to be a silent dog as he sweeps the audiences with his unconventional movie subjects. Well it is to be concluded which director is going to be audience heartthrob on Independence day . Puri with his punch dialogue or Sekar with his youthfull entertainer.