Fidaa Review – A Breezy Love story

Movie: Fidaa
Banner: Sri Venkateshwara Creations
Cast: Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Sai Chand, Raja, Satyam Rajesh, Sharanya Pradeep and others
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
Producers: Raju, Sirish
Written and Directed by: Sekhar Kammula Rating: 3.5/5


Varun (Varun Tej), who is studying in the US, lives along with his elder brother Raja and with his younger brother Bujji. In the absence of parents, Varun and Bujji decides to get married to Raja.

Raja’s marriage is fixed to a girl named Renuka (Shanti Pradeep) in Banswada, Nizamabad district. Varun comes to India for marriage and falls in love with Renuka’s sister Bhanumati (Sai Pallavi). Bhanumati is also interested in Varun.

But Bhanumathi does not like to leave his father and the village and decides to stay away from Varun. At the same time, she sees Varun moving closely with his uncle’s daughter Shailu.

After the wedding of Raja, Varun leaves to the USA along with his brother and sister-in-law but does not forget Bhanumati. Finally, Varun tells Bhanumati about his love and she rejects. How did Varun win Bhanumati’s heart? Will Bhanumathi accepts his love leaving her father.
Varun Tej as NRI boy is a perfect suite and as a lover boy, he has excelled. He impressed with his performance in Romantic Scenes and Emotional Scenes.

Malayali Beauty Sai Pallavi has been introduced the Telugu with this film, She was brilliant as far as her acting is concerned. She impressed as Telangana girl in the Rough and Tough Roll. She has impressed with her performance in the emotional scenes although appeared as a bubble girl. Sai Pallavi is the heart and soul of this film.

After many years Saichand played a role of father. Raja, Shanaya Pradeep, and Satyam Rajesh are seen in other roles.

After some gap, director Shekhar Kammula once again showed her mark to the audience with Fidaa’s film. He took a cute love story and took it to next level with his kind of taking with all perfect emotions. Shekhar, so far has shown films with the college and colony backdrops, but this time he has shown the Telangana rural region more beautifully. Not just surrounding or slang, he has also shown the traditions of the region.

The songs provided by Shakti Kanth and the BGM have increased the level of the film. The song with Telangana folk is visually superb. Vijay C Kumar’s cinematography is another asset of the film, he has shown Telangana village environment and the American locations like beautiful paintings. Marthand K Venesha editing is not good. If the film had chopped further, it would be more impressive. Dil Raju has not compromised on production values.

Fidaa is Shekhar Kammula’s style feel good movie, it gives a feeling as if we are directly seeing lives of the lead characters. The scenes on the screen appear as if they are happening in our house or next door.

In the first half of the story, there are no much twists and turns, the film picks pace after reaching Banswada. The character and the dialogues will later entertain.

In the second half , the story touches the mind . Love scenes between Varun and Bhanumathi, The girl;’s conflict in leaving her father is impressive. The climax scenes look predictable. Hero changes his mind and leaves the USA for the girl whom he loved, should have been dealt more deeply. Overall Fidaa is a beautiful love story with beautiful village and characters and the most beautiful ‘Telangana slang’.

+ Varun and Sai Pallavi’s acting
+ Second half
+ Conversations
+ Cinematography, music
– slow pace
– No twists in the story
– Climax


A clean Breezy Love Story !!.