Fake news on Pawan Kalyan !!

Pawan Kalyan’s newly live-in relationship with Danah Marks got a surprising shock with  pictures showing that Danah Marks already married to Calvin Masson on 5th may 2012 and both the couple  are staying together.

It seems a reputed english daily news paper, had published an article today based on a mail without prior ground work or confirmation from proper source. Look at Some pictures which are shown in this post,  The solid proof that Calvin Masson and Danah Masson are staying together. Some of these pictures are shared by Calvin himself from December 2011 to June 2012 on his blog which also shows that Danah is not a pregnant. But the article published by paper says Danah was with Pawan and gave birth to baby in June.

Writing base less articles and damaging Pawan Kalyan’s image  is very ridiculous , Rumors  that the whole plot was prepared by a top hero’s wife out of jealousy who has very good media relations had done to spoil Pawan image as he was riding high with latest hit and his new trailer too rocked the public. On her request Senior Mahesh Fan Ravi Nemana admin of PrinceMahesh db Tweeting “PK has become father of baby girl few days back.” They played a spoil game and poor English daily’s reputation fell to pit.

Whatever, but reputed papers turned into gossip feeds, Anyways Here are some pictures of Calvin Masson and Danah Masson .

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