Facebook faces criticism over data download tool

Facebook faces criticism over data download tool

Social networking site Facebook has been facing criticism over its updated version of Download Your Information tool that lets users look at only some data the site holds about them.

Campaigners from the Europe versus Facebook pressure group have said that the data shared on the site handed over only a ‘fraction’ of the information European laws demand.

The founder of the group Max Schrems said that the download tool supplied data in 22 categories, adding that the updating tool was just fooling the users and did not give people access to raw data.

According to the BBC, the updates given by the tool gave people detailed records of their activity on Facebook letting them see friends and login locations.

Facebook has faced constant criticism over what it does with the data people gave about their lives and relationships.

Facebook’s Download Your Information tool was first introduced in 2010 and gave people a digital copy of the photos, posts and messages they had shared on the social network.