Extramarital affair kills Telugu actor Prashanth

Actor-Prashanth-Dies‘Ippatlo Ramudila..Sitala Evaruntarandi Babu’ fame,  Actor Prashanth has reportedly died in Hyderabad falling down from a 6 storied building.

Prashanth reportedly having a extramarital affair with a lady for last one year . The lady’s husband and his relatives had doubt over Prashanth affair and when the woman’s husband went to his village , Prashanth went to woman’s flat in the 6th floor . Knowing this, relatives of the lady knocked the door when Prashanth and lady were romancing .

Prashanth tried to escape from the window of the 6th floor holding the drainage pipe to climb down like cinema stunt. But luck didn’t favoured him , He slipped fell from the 6th floor .