Express Raja Inside Talk

express-raja-37373The story of Sharvanand, Surabhi starrer ‘Express Raja’ directed by Merlapaka Gandhi , revolves round a Diamond.

Sharvananda lands into Hyderabad for a job, he meets Surabhi , who is a animal lover.

The baddie of the film Harish Utham raise 75 Cr fund through charity and keeps it with Supreet Reddy , who convert its into a Diamond and put it around Dog neck , on CBI raids.

The dog reaches Sharvanand , who inturn gives it to Municipality. Surpreet is in search of Sharvanand for Diamond and Harish ‘s mother turns mental due to an accident caused by Sharvanand . Harsha also wants to nab Sharanad.

Chase begins for Diamond and Sharvanand. The first Half is reportedly good and second half is not up to the mark .