Exclusive : Racha Censor Report

Exclusive : Racha Censor Report

Racha Censor Report: Ram Charan’s forthcoming movie ‘Racha’ has completed censor and obtained U/A certificate by the authorities. The movie is gearing up for massive release on April 5 worldwide in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages with record number of prints. This itself is a record in Tollywood as no other film has been released on the same day of its release in other languages. Tamanna is playing female lead in Racha which is being directed by Sampath Nandi. Mani Sharma has scored the music.

Racha is a good film  with no cuts, Censor officials  were impressed the way action scenes were pictured .

Fights and dances are major plus for the film.

First part deals with Love.

Second part is complete mass entertainment.

Silly jokes with not much comedy.

Tamanna look very glamorous in the move.

Its a social class film. first half better than second , Second half  carry much violance.

It projects ram charan with much hype.

Overall the movie tends to be Average film.