Errabelli writes to merge TTLD into TRS

Errabelli Dayakar-466464Former TDLP leader Errabelli Dayakar Rao, who recently joined TRS, wrote a letter to Telangana Assembly Speaker Madhu Sudhana Chary , to merge TDPL into TRS.

On the majority recommendation of TDP MLAs , Errabelli has taken this decision . He stated that, 10 out of of 15 TDP MLAs have joined into TRS. On the other hand, TDP has has suspended Errabelli from the party after he joined TRS.

Coming to merging of the party, Unless the entire party with district committees recommendations and all MLAs acceptance . There is no chance of merging Telangana TDP into TRS as far as legal implications are concerned.

That’s the reason, Errabelli mentioned TTLP merge and not TDP.