Enrolments for Aadhaar stopped

Enrolments for the Aadhaar card project in the state have halted abruptly across the state. Those arriving at the enrolment centres are being sent back by the staff saying that they have instructions from “higher-ups” not to make fresh enrolments until further orders. Apparently, there is a six-week break in enrolments to review the project and to prepare the modalities on how to go forward with the second phase of the project.

Several enrolment centres in Hyderabad wore a deserted look for the past one week with officials not taking up fresh enrolments. Though the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had established about 3,000 enrolment centres across the state, till date only 3.5 crore people have been enrolled and there are around 4 crore left.

In Hyderabad, the centres have managed to enrol nearly 42 lakh citizens. Over 8 lakh people in the city are yet to be enrolled, though most of those who have enrolled are yet to receive their cards. The sudden halt in fresh enrolments has led to confusion over the fate of the Aadhaar project among the public. Surprisingly, the state government was not aware of the centres stopping fresh enrolments.

“The Centre had earlier fixed a deadline of March 31, 2012 for the UIDAI for making Aadhaar enrolments. However, it has recently extended the deadline. The issue of enrolment agencies not making fresh enrolments has not come to our notice. We will inquire into the issue. We urge the people to approach joint-collectors in their respective districts or the chief rationing office in case of any problems with Aadhaar enrolments,” said Mr Harpreet Singh, commissioner, civil supplies department.

Apparently, the staff at enrolment agencies were asking people to come in April for fresh enrolments. “When I went to an enrolment centre in Kachiguda, the staff asked me to come in April since they have instructions to give a six-week break to review the project and to prepare mod-alities on how to go forward with the second phase,” said Mr P. Chandrahaas, a private firm employee.