‘ekkaDO naram nailigipOyindEmO’ song in Pawan’s ‘CgR’

Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu has completed its first schedule at sarathi studios, ameerpet, hyderabad.
In this schedule, few key scenes where Rambabu exposes fake swamis and also an item song on british actress, Scarlett Wilson and Pawan Kalyan has been shot.
Director Puri Jagan liked her dance and gifted her a latest IPhone 4s.
In this song pawan was shown, thrashing the goons who wore sarees while song goes on in background as ‘ekkaDO naram nailigipOyindEmO…’, penned by bhaskarabhatla in srikakulam slang.

Pawan, who learned acting at Satyanand’s acting school in vizag during early 1990s, picked up uttharandhra slang from there and was including it in many of his movies like thammudu, badri, khushi, johnny, gudumba shankar, jalsa etc.

Now, Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’s second schedule will start from 8th july and heroine tamanna will also participate.