Eggs & Tomatoes thrown on Sharmila

Angry Telangana supporters of Palamuru University hurled tomatoes and eggs at the YSRC President Jagan’s Sister Sharmila on Tuesday afternoon as she entered the Palamuru today.

Sharmila on her padayatra had to face irk of students of Palamuru university who were very agitated on her recent statements on Telangana leader K.Chandra Shaker Rao thrown tomatoes and eggs on her when she made her presence this afternoon. She planned to take a lunch break in that place and had to leave after she faced such a sudden & unexpected protest from students. High tension prevailed when YSRC cadre were immediately alerted and took a counter attack on Palamuru students .

Palamuru is just few kilometers away from Mahabubnagar town . Such incidents are usually not spontaneous ,the attack came amid high tension between the two parties in recent times . Sharmila was warned by Kavitha not to make any comments on Telangana leaders who are striving hard for Telangana . Hope Sharmila might got some understanding with this attack.