Eggs attack on Mahesh Kathi

maheshCritic Mahesh Kathi was attacked by a stranger with eggs after he came out attending a long debate on TV 9 Channel in Hyderabad.

Mahesh Kathi who claims to be waging war against Pawan Kalyan fans fighting for his self-respect for past four months was caught in a strange situation defending that he was not a womaniser.

After the news went viral, A egg attack happened when Kathi Mahesh was travelling in his car. A stranger driving on a bike reportedly throw eggs on Mahesh Kathi who was in his car. While the critic blames Pawan Kalyan fans for the attack.

Kathi slammed Pawan Kalyan and his fans for this attack, he said, Jana Sena is turning into another ISIS and alleged that the party social media team Shatagni is encouraging violence.