Eega will be the 1st film to cross 100 crores mark

Ace Director Rajamouli seems to be fascinated after seeing the first copy of his graphical extravaganza Eega. The movie Eega is made of huge budget over 40+ crores and is simultaneously releasing in 4 languages on July 6th. With this effect, Ramgopal verma  seems to be happy the way Eega has come out. His on confidence on Rajamouli has turned into over confidence  visible by his latest comments stating that Eega will become number uno film of Tollywood and will cross 100 crores share for its Telugu version alone.  He said….

I think ‘Eega` will b first
film to start the 100 crore
club in telugu
othr words I mean it will
collect 100 cr in telugu

Any one can claim anything but the fact lies how people connect to the film, basically the film has regular story, Every thing lies how Rajamouli show it on big screen with his 2200+ computer graphic shots . Prior to Magadheera their were not much English dubbed films and even Telugu audience were not much used to those films, but the story is different now. People of Andhra Pradesh are thoroughly following and  enjoying the English films, Fact is that most of the hollywood films  are made up of 2000 crores are getting more response than regional films in recent times. But Rajamouli’s Eega which is completely depended on technicality in hollywood style , will it be able to statisfy and give the ‘Wow’ experience is a million dollar question for now.