Eega credit goes to Russians !!

‘Eega’ is a thrilling blockbuster that takes the technical and creative strengths of Indian cinema to next level. But critics feel that India should not feel proud about this movie, for a particular reason.

Till now it is felt that ‘Eega’ is a stupendous graphical bonanza delivered by a studio based out in Hyderabad. While ‘Makuta VFX’ is a studio based in Hyderabad,  80% of its creative team are from UK, US and Persia. Key action sequences like ‘birds chasing eega’, ‘birth of the fly’ and ‘water chase’ are created and worked out by Russia and Ukraine based CG studios like Ulitka. Insiders revealed that only wire-removal and simple compositing work are handled by local Indian studios and there are no complex works to their credit. As long as an Indian cannot deliver a stupendous output, claiming the work of foreigners based in India will not be a great achievement for us, says critics.

Keeping the ‘pride and respect’ issue aside, ‘Eega’ should be seen as a stupendous output delivered by an Indian director who is supported by talented CG technicians. At the same time, our VFX studios should hone their skills to deliver an entirely Indian made movie!