Eega collections will be Benchmark

The much-awaited film of the year ‘Eega’ directed by Rajamouli is confirmed for a massive release on July 6 as posters are out today in print media. It is known that the film got delayed for over two months just due to the CG work.As the CG work has come to an end now, Rajamouli breathed a sigh of relief. The film went for Censor on Tuesday morning and got U/A certificate with no cuts.

Eega is releasing simultaneously in 3 languages (Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam) with 1200+ prints. Earth shattering openings are guaranteed, if the wide release and the tremendous hype surrounded over the project is taken into consideration. A unit member says  that the collections of Eega will be a benchmark for the new releases which are in the pipeline. If Eega hits the right chord with the audience, then the brand value of Rajamouli touch new heights.