Eega business closing !!

After 2 weeks on buzzing at Box-office, Rajamouli’s Eega lost its strength to fly high in its 3rd week at Box-office. According to trade the collection from all centers have come down drastically. The main reason for this underperformance is lack of star her in eega movie. Any movie at least in south India need a good star cast to make it a block buster. Whereas,  Eega which does not have any star hero is finding difficult to grab the repeat audience attention. Without repeat audience the movie graph has fell down before excepted.

But Rajamouli to gain the attention of public and keep Eega mania buzzing, he raised a curtain on piracy targeting NRI’s where Eega was doing a good business. But that doesn’t seems to be worked , Eega already gathered enough collection than excepted and after this week Eega business is closing in many centers even though there is no big film to give a fight .One should appreciate Eega team for superb publicity and making Eega a success without star hero in it.