Eedu Gold Ehe Theatrical Trailer Talk

eedu-gold-eheThe upcoming Telugu movie Eedu Gold Ehe Theatrical Trailer Talk is out.

Eedu Gold Ehe is next Hilarious project from AK Entertainments starring Sunil in the lead role. This upcoming Telugu film is being directed by Veeru Potla and Produced by Rama Brahmam Sunkara.

Eedu Gold Ehe looks very promising as far as comedy content is concerned. Sunil once again coming with complete entertainer with high production values .

Movie Trailer begins withSunil introducing himself saying his chapter will be very classic and dignified, While his character is showcased as very comic. The movie seems to have used all contemporary comedian in Tollywood which generates humor. However, the twist which hints some thriller element in the film as Sunil performs heroic feats with a Mask.

The movie features Richa Panai and Sushma Raj as heroines.Directed by Veeru Potla and produced by AK Entertainments. The movie is releasing on Oct 7th.