Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review – Ok Ehe

eedu-gold-ehe-reviewMovie : Eedu Gold Ehe
Director : Veeru Potla
Producers : Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Music Director : Sagar Mahati
Starring : Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai Rating : 3/5

Story :

Bangarraju (sunil) is a orphan and also an innocent guy,  wherever he goes misfortune follows him. Those who employs him in a ob will face unbearable problems. Bangarraju reaches Hyderabad on job trails. Accidentally he gets attached to a family , everyone in the family treats him as Elder son of the family.Bangarraju faces some peculiar conditions in Hyderabad , Even strangers who come in contact with him,calls him with a name Sunil Verma.

In the meantime, A masked man steals a golden statue from a illegal gold trader Mahadeva. Knowing that Sunil Verma has stolen the statue, Mahadeva develops enmity on Bangarraju and kidnaps his Hyderabad brother. Bangarraju clarifies that he is not the Sunil Verma, but Mahadeva doesn’t believe him .Mahadev also puts a condition before Bangarraju bring the real Sunil Verma to take back his brother. Will Banagarraju able to trace the Sunil Verma?, Who is this Sunil Verma ?, Who has taken the advantage among Sunil verma and Bangarraju? Watch for Yourself on Big screen..


Sunil has done his role with much ease . He has shown two variations in his acting by playing an innocent character in the beginning and rage to avenge in the climax . There is no scope for the heroines to perform in the film. Shakalaka Sankara, Naresh, Vennela Kishore brings some laughs. Jayasudha has hoswn her mark in a sparking role. Puneet Issar was okay as a villain.


Generally audience except a lot of humour from Sunil films and that too this film is directed by Veeru Potla ..So the expectations have doubled. From the Beginning till the end, the director has concentrated on Humour.

Director has not just concentrated on Humour but also adds suspense element  to it, making the film more Interesting and entertaining.

The one Liners and the dialogues have cracked at correct timings. The entire first half is fun filled . But the second half goes down a bit as far as Tempo of the film is concerned. The scenes related to tracing out Sunil Verma are more comical.

On the other side, Songs doesn’t not look promising, Sunil’s dances disappoints the audience. The story looks routine and predictable .


+ Sunil Acting
+ Entertainment and Punch dialogues
+ Sentiment

– Songs
– Routine Story

Overall , Edu Gold Ehe is a fun filled suspense film with interesting twists.


Eedu OK Ehe !!