Ee Rojullo becomes a trend-setter

The big success of the small film Ee Rojullo has inspired many T-town dream merchants to dish out small-budget films with novel content. We are told that there are nearly 10 such films in the making already. “It’s a trend-setting film in more ways than one,” says one of the producers, Srinivas Kumar, who worked for big films like Maghadheera and Badrinath. “I turned producer trusting director Maruthi’s storyline. We cut costs in various ways but stuck to the plot and reached our target audience, the youth, and the rest can at best be described as a bonus,” he adds. He claims that his film, which was made with a tight budget of `60 lakh, has earned `8 crore at the box office. “A digital camera, low-cost production and new faces is the new mantra in Tollywood,” he concludes.