Eco-friendly set for Gundello Godari

Empathizing the growing wastage involved in the film industry, Manchu Lakshmi’s unit has erected an eco-friendly set for their upcoming film “Gundello Godari”. Realizing the several aspects of filmmaking like air travel, truck fuel and generators add to negative climate change, the art director of the film Mr. Murali Kondeti has erected an authentic fisherman village set on a landscape of 27 acres with some 120 houses and huts.

The material used used in this village set is eco-friendly and natural – the material used to erect the set is harmless to the society. This new plan will help in ‘greening’ the productions, including conserving fuel and energy, avoiding toxins and pollution, saving water, etc.

Gundello Godari is a film that is set in the backdrop of 1986 Godavari floods, and to reflect such an ambience, the makers have erected an eco-friendly set. This initiative need to be appreciated and let’s hope other production houses can take a cue from this work.