ECIL develops 3rd generation PLCs, launch on May 18

Atomic Energy Commission Member Dr Anil Kakodkar will launch ‘MPROGICON 5000 Power Series, a third generation Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) developed indigenously by Hyderabad-based Electronic Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) here on May 18. ECIL’s new PLC promises to mitigate the security concerns arising out of potential presence of malware or trap doors in the vital equipment which often from the nervous system of all modern industrial plants, ECIL said in a release here today. Every component that make up the ecosytem of a modern PLC- the semiconductors which power its computation eingines, the application development tools which generate run-time code for the PLC, the desk top computers and work stations which host the development tools, the network components which carry bits and bytes around – is vulnerable to malware- either maliciously introduced (pre-built) or introduced subsequently through the known vulnerabilities in hardware and software, the release said. These vulnerabilities are extremely difficult to detect and from a security stand-point, it is prudent to assume that these vulnerabilities will be discovered and exploited and hence pose a potential security risk. ECIL will be targeting the PLCs at strategic sectors of atomic energy, defence, aerospace and Homeland security where safety and security can not be compromised. Currently, Indian market is dominated by foreign brands which due to commercial reasons do not expose their designs and software for full verfication. To overcome the difficulties encountered by the use of imported PLCs and threat of malware, ECIl has develped a new series of PLCs called MPROGICON 5000, which ECIl are amenable to full verification validation by third party and from an important component in achieving national self-reliance in automation, the release added.