E-cigarette too is toxic, say doctors

Electronic, smokeless cigarettes that are widely available in the country are as bad as smoking regular cigarettes, and are never really the solution to quitting, say city medical experts. The US Food and Drug Administration clearly says e-cigarettes contain “toxic chemicals that are unsafe for humans”. However, these Chinese-made e-cigarettes are widely available, luring addicts to try it out, with sales continually increasing. There is no complete ban as yet for these products.

“It is again plain old nicotine that is injected in a chemical form. This not only makes the body vulnerable to stroke and other heart ailments, but also does not solve the addiction problem. Nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and chewing gum are preferred, as they are clinically tested. E-cigarette devices are unregulated, and dangerous,” said Dr Sudhir Kumar, consultant neurologist, Apollo Hospitals. Dr Ranganathan, neurosurgeon, Yashoda Hospitals said, “Tobacco in all forms is evil, and they are responsible for many ailments in the neural system.”