Dynamite Movie Review – Mission Possible


Dynamite Movie Review – Mission Possible

Movie : Dynamite
Director : Deva Katta
Producer : Manchu Vishnu
Music Director : Achu
Starring :Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha, J.D. Chakravarthy
TeluguSquare.com Rating – 3/5


Story :

Shivaji (Manchu Vishnu) is a independent and a dynamic person who is against injustice. Impressed with Shiv, Anamika Dasari (Pranitha Subhash) falls in love with him. One night Anamika gets kidnapped . Shiv approaches the police, but on investigation there is absolutely no evidence of the abduction. The police dismiss his complaints and are convinced he is simply a drunk talking nonsense. Anamika is the daughter of a media giant Channel 24 CEO , who gets killed by strangers and those guys are in search of video clip. Shiv realises it is not just some local bad guys, but the police as well as a minister who are involved. Shiv tries to chase down the mystery finds another twist. How he rescues his girlfriend and uncovers the murky truth forms the rest of the story.

Vishnu gave a deadly performance with his macho physique, suffered a hairline fracture on his thumb while shooting. He performed some thrilling hardcore stunts . Pranitha looked attractive with her beauty and also performed well. JD.Chakravarthy as Union Minister looks stiffer than his starched clothes. Ravi Prakash, Praveen,Nagineedu have performed well.


Deva Katta who is known for mass entertainers, has taken care to give nativity to a dubbed Tamil film . The first half starts slow and the screenplay never settles down for one moment and the interval sign comes up before you think. While the second half picks up pace with all the high volatile chase , but couple of songs break tempo, few scenes including the climax are almost a rip off from Hollywood movies.  Director Deva Katta and stunt choreographer Vijayan are the two pillars of the film. Its a skillful plot with excellent camerawork and good background score and good production values makes Dynamite a highly engaging action thriller . However it lacks entertainment.

Dynamite – Stylish Action Thriller