Drugs consumption and possession are punishable : Akun Sabharwal

Akun_SabharwalTelangana Excise DGP Akun Sabharwal countered the criticism over Drugs case investigation.

Akun Sabharwal clarified that They have not violated Supreme court guidelines in the investigation and they would not reveal the names of school students who are still minors. They have registered 7 cases in drugs issue till now. They have released 19 people including Jani Josef. The investigation is been recorded and took a sample with the Tollywood celebrities permissions in writing.

He said, Drugs consumption either present or the past, encouraging the other person to consume drugs, keeping the drugs stock, being in the possession from where drug recovered, etc will all come under NTPS act and appealed those with incomplete knowledge not to confuse people.

Targeting the excise department is nothing but defamation. He said there is no need to worry about his security and said not afraid of anyone.