Drugs case to divert Miyapur Land Scam ?

RaghunandanPolitical analyst, BJP leader Raghunandan Rao alleged that Drug scam is being fanned against the Tollywood celebrities to divert People’s attention from Miyapur Land Scam.

Speaking in a discussion He said, “The case is something like digging a mountain and catch a mouse”. Since media loves sensational news, leaks have been sent to them to bring the drugs case limelight targeting cinema people.

There is nothing going to be achieved from the case as the SIT officials can not frame anyone even after taking the samples from them as the Forensic lab is not that capable of giving the reports immediately.  If some celebrity admits that he consumed drugs, he should be sent to the rehablitation house rather than jail as he is the victim of drugs. How can the officials establish a connection between celebrities with drug peddler Calvin based on call list? questioned Raghunandan.

Raghunandan said, Drugs case is highlighted to divert media and public attention from Miyapur land scam which involved several big names of the ruling TRS party.