Drug Racket : Notices to 3 more heroines of Tollywood

drugs_800x450The usage of the drugs in Tollywood is shaking the Telugu film industry, the excise department has served notices to 10 people including two young inactive heroes, 1 heroine, four directors one producer and one stunt man.

Today, Excise department director Akun Sabharwal told the media that few more from the industry are involved in drugs.

After the drug bust in Hyderabad, the officials have traced the call data of the accused and identified few more Tollywood celebrities. Officials say they all are using drugs such as cocaine, LSD and MDMA.

Excise Department has issued notices to 3 more heroines of Tollywood. Notices have been issued to 13 persons of Tollywood so far.All of them have been issued notices by the department to appear for investigation on 19th to 27th August.