Dr. Richard Beale on Jayalalithaa’s death

jayalalithaa-doctorThe British doctor, Dr Richard Beale who treated former Tamil Nadu Chief minister Jayalalithaa asserted that “nothing strange happened” during the course of treatment.

Dr Richard Beale said, At the beginning, when she was unwell, she wasn’t able to interact. Later, situation improved she was aware & able to interact more. Dr Richard Beale says Jayalalithaa’s cardiac arrest was sudden and severe.

Speaking about keeping secrecy of the treatment He said, “Its not a normal practice to photograph patient & publish private details. It is an intrusion into her privacy. We don’t have CCTVs in patients’ room, even if it were to exist we would never release it”.

Question is not whether the death of Jayalalithaa was natural or not. Why none were allowed to visit her b4 death?