Doubts raise on Dil Raju’s character

Doubts raise on Dil Raju’s character especially when it comes to Ramcharan’s Naayak release in Nizam area.

Geetha film distributor is fully dependent on Dil Raju for Nayak release and there was news earlier that both of them came to an understanding that Naayak first 2 days will release wil get maximum number of theaters & shows . But, with Mahesh Babu innovate idea to dent Nayak collection SVSC will have state wide premiers a day before,  On the other side Dil Raju is trying to rope even Naayak theaters which were booked for one week for SVSC on release on 11th Jan.

Earlier , Dil Raju didnot cooperate to Balakrishna’s Srimannarayana which was collecting good in Kukatpally,  was replaced with Nagarjuna’s Shirdi Sai movie when he was distributing Shidi Sai. The same might repeat for  Nayak also.