Doubts over Rajaiah’s daughter-in-law’s death

rajaiah-99999With the death of Congress warangal Lok Sabha candidate ,Sircilla Rajaiah’s daughter-in-law and his three grandchildren who reportedly burnt alive, Rajaiah collapsed .

According to a women worker, There were disputes in the Rajaiah’s family , Rajaiah family and his daughter in -law Sarika were living separately . Another local women worker stated that Sarika was a coward to commit suicide . She said that a case is pending in the court between Sarika and Sircilla Rajaiah’s son Anil. Anil is not staying with sarika .  It’s still a mystery why Sarika chosen to commit suicide.

Another local women in the below photo said, Sarika was not given food, she starved for food and also expressed doubt over Sarika’s death .

Rajaiah was supposed to file nomination for the warangal Lok Sabha today. For last 15 days there were no disputes . Its a big jolt to Rajaiah , says a local. Meanwhile  Police started investigation with dog squad.