Doubts over credibility of ABN telecasted survey

abn-surveyLagadapati survey was telecasted by ABN AJ raises a lot of doubts over the credibility of the survey because Lagadapati reportedly denied saying “those reported are not my findings”, if the source is believed. Scroll down for the source…

But one thing is clear that TDP is not able to affect YSRCP vote base or seat score much. If Janasena gets about 10% vote as told by them it makes big difference. 5% still undecided + others. All these affect final results.

It was speculated that the 60-page report submitted by Lagadapati to Chandrababu Naidu with some positive signals to the TDP in the coming elections.

This survey is an indication of interesting political battle in AP since TDP has not increased in vote share compared to 2014 elections (44.9%), while the combined vote share of TDP rivals including Janasena is much higher.

In any case, if Naidu’s rivals unite as it happened in recent UP Lok Sabha by-election where anti-BJP parties like SP, BSP and Congress were united, Naidu might have to face a tough battle.

Coming to Janasena, As per survey Janasena got 3.86 vote share in 2016 and 8.9 in 2018, it still one more year to go and Pawan Kalyan has only toured two north coastal districts. Touring 2 districts the party got a jump of 5% vote share and touring the rest 11 districts might show a huge jump in vote share which affects the prospects of TDP in particular.

Pic Source Twitter Handle : karthik singh @karthik93894728