Dora Movie Review – Vengeful ghosts


Movie : Dora

Director : Dharani Dharan

Producer : Jawaharbabu Jakkam

Music Director : Siddharth Vipin

Starring : Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Bindu Madhavi Rating 2.5/5

Story :

There will be a village Dorapuram, which is haunted by two ghosts for almost 100 years. It is of a thousand people population. It has a Bungalow called ‘Jackson Bungalow’, which is haunted one and no body returns after entering the house .

SI Satya (sibiraj)  sent to the village by the higher officials to put an end to the misconception among public over existance of Ghosts. When Satya lands into the village, he falls in love with Sarpanch daughter Vijju(Bindu Madhavi) and Vijju’s Bava Veera (Karunakaran) also loves her.

Sarpanch makes an announcement that he would give his daughter’s hand to the brave one who enters the Jackson building and comes out safely. Who will come back?, Is the building haunted one?… forms the story.


Dora is the thriller movie which is based British period Vengeful ghosts . Although the movie starts on Ghost formula but it revolves round the Jackson Building which brings some freshness to the audience. The revenge between the one who fought against the British rule, Dora and the one who harass the people of Dorapuram, Jackson(Ja Cherry) , is still alive in form of their spirits . How Satya gets involved in the rivalry between the two ghosts , make the story interesting.

Director made use of thrilling effects of the Ghosts to make the film interesting in the first half with thin storyline. But the real story begins only after Satya and Veera enters the building . The story turns more intertsing after Dora and Jackson roles comes onto the screen. However, the story is confined between the walls of the building which makes the cinema boring and dragging.

Director tried to make the film as a Horror – Comedy film and tried to make it more comedy film . Most of the Horror films miss logics and even this film falls in same pattern . Director took more cinematic liberty to shoot the film logic less . But the movie is bit different from regular Horror thrillers.

Sibiraj’s role looks to have higher priority than Satyaraj’s role, but the role is not so outstanding. Sibiraj’s biggest minus is his emotions , he gives a wooden face expression for every scene. Bindu Madhavi role is good and Sathyaraj and Cherry have performed well as ghosts. . Comic actor who appeared as black mahesh babu entertained a few giggles. technically, the film receives good marks. Yuvraj Singh ‘s camera work was neat, Siddharth Vipin music was ok. But the director should have done his homework more properly . Overall, Dora is not so entertaining or Horrifying


Poor Show