Dookudu babe gets delighted !

Samantha witnessed a remarkable turn around with in a year. Being branded iron leg in her own home turf kollywood, she spellbound all with her amazing performance casting a magic spell on movie lovers making them ask in awe ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. Now with the success of ‘Dookudu’ last year in tollywood, many film makers are in line for her appointment. Her next venture ‘Eega’ is making abuzz attracting all attention. But the ‘Dookudu’ babe is facing difficulties in her happiness.

Dwelling more on that Samantha says, "I derive lot of joy in entire process of film making. Story discussions, songs work outs, shooting etc. But the moment I hear of makeup all my spirts will get drained at the thought of sitting for hours with it without doing anything". She says she doesn’t like spending lot of time on makeup and even for functions she comes in natural manner. She says she likes to be in that way but films are forcing her to have makeup.

She says she will be delighted if someone asks her to do a film without makeup. Samantha says all this is not for award but at the thought of going through the ordeal of sporting makeup. She says ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ is close to her heart despite other successes. Next comes her sensational ‘Dookudu’.