Don’t believe in Salt Shortage rumours

saltThe rumours of salt shortage has spread to Telangana, in medak people started rushing to shops to buy salt. In an incident 40 thousand worth of salt has been reportedly looted , which was kept outside in bags. Panic buying of salt was witnessed in some parts of Borabanda in S.R. Nagar in Hyderabad too. Some grocery stores owner took an advantage to sell salt for Rs.30 to Rs 60 per kilo.

Union minister Venkaiah Naidu has appealed to the people not to believe rumours of salt shortage in the country. He was speaking to the media today. He said some people are propagating that there is shortage of salt in the country. In fact, there is storage of 220 lakh tonnes of salt and we use only 60 lakh tonnes per annum.

Civil supplies minister Etela Rajender has said that there is no shortage of salt in Telangana. He appealed the people not to believe rumours. He warned the traders that action would be taken against them if they spread rumours or if they sell salt in black market.