Don’t believe ABN review.. Its a waste : VR producer

vr-737474Vinavayya Ramayya film producer Sindhura Puvvu Krishna Reddy came down heavily on ABN AndhraJyothi Review of the film.

At a press meet, He thanked those who gave better rating for the film But slammed at Andhrajyothy (AJ) for its negative reviews for two films Tippu and Vinnaya Ramayya. He said its disgraceful remarks made by AJ before completion of none show of two debutants hero’s films calling Tippu as Tuppu(rust) and Vinavayya Ramayya as Enataiyya ? .

He further said, There was a APT issue with AJ , they have a right to write review badly but he wanted to tell the audience that their review is very cheap . he appealed audience not to trust AJ-ABN review . There was a personal issue with regard to advertisement. He gave ads in papers through LLP and all ads were give one sided . But other media maintained some restraints.

Don’t believe Money dominated pen writers , believe in mouth talk. I request the media to respect the public review. He alleged that AJ has threatened for not giving ad and alleged that Chowdary lobbied them Krishna Reddy. He said, He has no proves regarding this but believe that AJ review was bad because of not giving ad to them. However, he has every right to say that AJ-ABN review is a waste