Donald Trump wins the Final debate

trumpUS presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump offered a stunning declaration during the final presidential debate . He said, he will accept the results of next month’s election if he wins.

While the washington post says, Donald Trump won tonight’s debate as he didn’t implode, didn’t blither, didn’t continually interrupt Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump called his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman. and Crooked Hillary”

He questioned , Why didn’t Hillary Clinton announce that she was inappropriately given the debate questions – she secretly used them!. If elected POTUS – I will stop RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM in this country! . Crooked Hillary promised 200k jobs in NY and FAILED. We’ll create 25M jobs when I’m president, and I will DELIVER!.

Here are some polls supporting Trump’s victory in final debate.

Trump 84%
Clinton 16 %

Washington Times
Trump 77%
Clinton 17%
Trump 63%
Clinton 37%

Trump 68%
Clinton 32%

Fox6 WI
Trump 80%
Clinton 20%

Trump 65%
Clinton 15%

Right Scoop
Trump 64%
Clinton 33%

Trump 96%
Clinton 4%

Fox 61 CT
Trump 60%
Clinton 36%