Donald Trump unveils plans for first 100 days in office

trumpThe newly elected president of United states of America, Donald Trump unveils plans for first 100 days in office.

Trump update the policy plans for first 100 days . He said, his transaction team is working smoothly to make America great again.

He said He want next generation innovations in the fields of producing steel, building cars or curing diseases to happen in the USA. Creating jobs and Wealth for America, he has asked the innovation team to list the priorities . These include the following

Trade: Withdraw from the Trans -Pacific – Partnership. Instead,they bring fair bilateral deals.

Energy: Cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American Energy including sale energy , creating high paying jobs.

Regulation: Formulate a rule : One new regulation will scrap two old rules.

National Security: Develop comprehensive plan to develop America’s infrastructure from cyber attacks and other forms.

Immigration: Dept of Labour to investigate all abuses of Visa Programs that undercut American worker.

Ethics Reforms : Impose a 5-year ban on Lobbying of officials on behalf of the forign country.