Donald Trump says no to Green card lottery system

rp_trump-1-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-300x252-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-1-300x252-300x252.jpgThe Department of Homeland Security plans for the change in Green card lottery system, citing President Donald Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” executive order issued in April.

While the US president Donald Trump says “We want people coming into our country based on merit and based on the fact that they are going to love our country… We don’t want visa lottery.”

Trump pushes to eliminate green card lottery, reallocate visas to reduce the family-based and high-skilled employment ‘backlog’. He is seeking the approval of the U.S Senate to end the VISA lottery.

He said VISA lottery would be replaced with a point-based immigration system. Under the point- based system, people with higher education in specific fields would be allowed into the US. Eliminating Chain migration which allows an immigrant to bring all his/her family members to live in the US.