DJ Audio Review – Reaches expectations

rp_dj1-173x300-1-173x300-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300.jpgAllu Arjun’s DJ-Duvvada Jaggannadham’s has five songs and follows standards of Allu Arjun’s films – an introductory song, two massy numbers, two romantic numbers and a dance number. ‘Box Baddhalai Poyi ‘is the best mass malasa number which can nail the actor’s dancing skills. DJ Jukebox reaches all kinds of expectations.
Song 1 : DJ..DJ
Singers : Vijay
Lyricist : Jonnavithul
Verdict – Energy number

Song 2 : Asmaika
Singers : Karthikeyan , Chitra
Lyricist : Sahiti
Verdict – Classical Touch

Song 3: Mecchuko
Singers : Nakash Aziz
Lyricist : Srimani
Verdict – Mass Touch
Song 4: Seeti Maar
Singers : Jaspreez Jaz, Rita
Lyricist : Balaji
Verdict – Party Number

Song 5 : Box Baddhalai Poyi
Singers : Sagar and Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist : Bhaskara Bhatla
Verdict – Mass Malasa soong