Distance between Pawan Kalyan and Ali?

pawan-aliPower star Pawan Kalyan and film actor Ali are undoubtedly close friends for last two decades. Without Pawan, there was no Pawan’s film.

Recently, during the opening of the Jansana office, Ali gave a Quran as a gift and expressed the best wishes of their friendship. Pawan always says that he feels lonely without Ali. But some rumours have come up recently, as the distance between them is growing.

Ali has acted in every film of Pawan, but this time he doesn’t appear in Agnyaathavaasi. Ali also starred in the Trivikram – Pawan earlier film of Attarintiki Daredi.

Trivikram has reportedly created a role for Ali in Agnyaathavaasi, But Ali was reluctant to act. The reason for this is that the Janasena ticket in the next elections. But Pawan was worried that Ali was looking to use their friendship in this manner. Rumors have emerged that Ali did not act in Trivikram’s film as a result of this distance between them.

But some other sources say, there is no truth in it. Due to the busy schedule is not enough to adjust the dates, hence he did not star in Pawan’s film and he has gone to America. There is no conflict between the two, All Is well between them.