Director Srinu Vytla insulted Brahmanandam

Top comedian brahmanandam is already into bad books of film industry for various reasons. Even TV channels broadcasted live programs and upcoming artists, producers spoke against Brahmi who continuously runs behind money and other sorts of pleasures. Yesterday at the audio launch of ‘Endukante Premanta,’ one such embarrassing situation was faced by Brahmi when Srinu Vytla directly exposed the weak point of this comedian.

Beautiful lady anchoring the audio release program was questioning guests on, ‘any time in your life, did you say ‘Endukante Premanta’ to any one?’ When it was the turn of brahmanandam, the lady twisted the question asking, ‘Sir, Whom does you Love More?’

Thud was the reply….instead of Brahmi, it was Srinu Vytla who answered the question on behalf of Brahmi saying ‘Dabbu (Money) and only Dabbu (Money).’

Raviteja sitting besides Srinu Vytla got connected with the situation and started to enjoy it. Sensing the insult, a clever brahmanandam sidelined Srinu Vytla’s answer saying, ‘As my wife’s name is Lakshmi, he said the same as Dabbu.’ It was too late…guests at the function who understood the underlying meaning in Srinu’s words were more than accepted at Brahmi’s weak point.